UPMC’s March Issue of First Friday Highlights Our Extraordinary Trailblazers


First Friday is a digital monthly magazine shared with UPMC employees. It aims to capture the spirit of innovation, dedication to caring, and attention to quality that permeates the work done across UPMC every day. This is the first year that this internal magazine will be available to the public.  

Community is at the center of everything we do at UPMC. Whether you look at community as a group of individuals with a shared characteristic or goal, or think of it more as a particular area or place, community-focused care is at the forefront of what UPMC consistently delivers.  

The March issue of First Friday highlights various communities throughout UPMC, including some of our extraordinary women physicians who are changing lives through their respective specialties. Also this month, we look at how UPMC provides opportunities for young people in Pittsburgh to gain experience in high-need job roles through partnerships with various community organizations, demonstrate how UPMC is expanding emergency medicine in rural communities, and look back on a decade of community-focused storytelling initiatives. 

SREMS Ensures Community Resilience 

At UPMC, we start with a win. The Susquehanna Regional EMS team puts boots to the ground to set their communities up for success when it comes to taking action in an emergency. 

Trailblazers Extraordinaire  

From the top floors of skyscrapers to the corners of rural landscapes, women physician leaders at UPMC are constantly innovating and pioneering new approaches to enhance access and improve health care delivery.  

 Building Relationships That Work 

 Through connections with community organizations, UPMC is breaking down barriers to employment while assembling a stronger workforce.  

Celebrating UPMC’s Commitment to Our Communities  

Over the past 10 years, First Friday highlighted many stories detailing how UPMC is achieving our vision to put our communities at the center of everything we do. 

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