UPMC’s July Issue of First Friday Highlights Hidden Talents


First Friday, UPMC’s digital internal magazine, publishes monthly and aims to capture the spirit of innovation, dedication to caring, and attention to quality that permeates the work done across UPMC every day. 

It’s far too easy to judge a book by its cover or a job by its title. We assume we see the full picture, but often there is so much more just beyond the obvious. The July issue of First Friday is filled with stories of how our UPMC team members embody this idea. UPMC Somerset and UPMC Western Maryland are encouraging local students to learn about all the careers available in a hospital beyond clinical care, UPMC in Central Pa. and UPMC in North Central Pa. are helping patients realize there are more ways to care for their spines, and employees across UPMC are sharing their hidden talents.  

The July issue includes: 

Start With a Win: Local Students Learn About Careers in Health Care 

Recently, UPMC Somerset and UPMC Western Maryland hosted local high school students eager to learn about both clinical and non-clinical careers that are available in health care.  


It’s the “backbone” of the specialized spine care program of UPMC in Central Pa. and UPMC in North Central Pa. Meet the multidisciplinary teams that are bringing together the fields of orthopaedics and neurosurgery to develop the best treatment plans for their patients. 

Hidden Talents 

UPMC is full of talented employees who demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in their job roles every day, but have you ever stopped to wonder what unique skills, hobbies, and talents your co-workers might also have? 

A Decade of Stories About Safety 

Emergency preparedness is a top priority at UPMC, where we remain committed to the safety and well-being of our patients, staff, and community members. Take a look back at 10 years of First Friday stories focused on the safety of our people. 

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