A Year in Review: UPMC St. Margaret Accelerates Comprehensive Care, Close to Home

By: Autumn Bellan

On Feb. 22, David Patton, president, UPMC St. Margaret, presented an overview of UPMC St. Margaret’s past year at its annual public board meeting. Patton illuminated the caring excellence of St. Margaret staff. From their dedication to cutting-edge services, he covered the strides they made as a community hospital and how they will continue to accelerate.  

More Than a Charm: A Fourth Magnet Recognition® 

Showing photos of heartfelt speeches and staff smiling amid celebratory confetti, Patton recalled the moment when they received their fourth designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®. “This achievement represents our nursing staff’s continued commitment to providing high-quality care for the communities we serve,” said Patton. The designation distinguishes organizations that meet rigorous standards for nursing excellence.  

John Davis: A New Face to Guide Our Journey 

Next, Patton introduced UPMC St. Margaret’s new chief nursing officer and vice president, Patient Care Services, John Davis, D.N.P., R.N., F.N.P.-B.C., N.E.-B.C. “After a nationwide search, I am pleased to share this news,” said Patton. “John is a proven, transformational leader with nearly 15 years of health care experience.” Davis is coming from UPMC Horizon and UPMC Jameson, where he has served as chief nursing officer and vice president, Patient Care Services, since October 2021.   

“I would like to extend sincere thanks to Jim Malkowiak, who has expertly served as our interim CNO and vice president of Patient Care Services, leading us through this transition,” said Patton. Malkowiak will resume his role as clinical director at UPMC St. Margaret.  

Four Core Pillars: Services and Specialties 

“We’re driven by the four pillars,” said Patton, referencing UPMC St. Margaret’s commitment to emergency medicine, family medicine, general surgery and orthopaedic care. These pillars are the bedrock of our services, benefiting our patients and strengthening our hospital.  

“At the end of the day, our core pillars drive our mission at UPMC St. Margaret,” said Patton. “We want people in our communities to know and trust that our services are best in class.” Fueled by a passion to serve the community, UPMC St. Margaret believes no patient should have to travel outside our area for top-quality care. 

Investments: Nurturing Our Campus 

In 2023, UPMC invested more than $6.4 million in UPMC St. Margaret, prioritized for Laboratory equipment replacements, MRI upgrades, parking improvements and more. These enhancements ensure the latest, state-of-the-art technology and equipment are available to patients.  

“At the end of the day, our improvements showcase the campus and how it is an environment that takes care of people,” said Patton. “Investments in infrastructure, technology and facilities make UPMC St. Margaret not only a hospital, but a place of comfort and healing.” 

Cultivating Future Leaders 

The UPMC St. Margaret School of Nursing continues to fuel the pipeline of nurses coming to UPMC. “Last year, we had 31 students graduate,” said Patton. “This year, we currently have 48 students enrolled in the program, and we will be enrolling 47 additional students in the fall.” In December UPMC’s Schools of Nursing graduated 197 new nurses with 119 hired by UPMC.  

The schools also provide a nursing tuition loan forgiveness program for students who enroll and successfully complete their first semester and meet academic requirements. UPMC St. Margaret School of Nursing students learn resilience, adaptability and compassion — the qualities that define exceptional caregivers. 

“Like with nurses, UPMC St. Margaret’s commitment to training the next generation of physicians is unwavering. UPMC St. Margaret’s Family Medicine Residency Program is an opportunity for us, as the sixth-largest family medicine residency program in the county, to continue to excel and outdo ourselves,” said Patton. Each year, the program has about 15 family medicine residents.  

Accolades: Recognizing Our Achievements 

In 2023, UPMC St. Margaret received several top honors for its quality and safety, including: 

  • – 5-Star Rating by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — the highest possible rating indicating exceptional performance in patient experience, safety, outcomes, and efficiency of care.  
  • – “A” Hospital Safety Grade by Leapfrog Group in the spring and fall rating periods — the highest possible grade signifying the hospital’s high level of commitment to safety and quality care. 
  • – UPMC Health Plan Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery Center of Excellence 

“Our accolades validate our efforts,” said Patton. UPMC St. Margaret continues to receive various recognitions, motivated by the momentum of this year.   

Our Team: The Heart of UPMC St. Margaret 

At UPMC St. Margaret, its teams celebrate victories, overcome challenges and create a nurturing environment for patients. “We spend more time with each other than anyone,” said Patton. “We wouldn’t be who we are without our team.”  

Embarking on another year, UPMC St. Margaret remains steadfast in its mission: providing comprehensive care, close to home.