UPMC Lights Up Green for National Injury Prevention Day

By: Keyshawn Shaahid

UPMC took part in the third annual National Injury Prevention Day on Nov. 18, where the nation’s top prevention advocates join forces to raise their voices and push for change. UPMC lit up their hospitals in green that evening.

Injuries and violence are the leading cause of death and disabilities for people from age one to 44 years old.

Buildings lit up in green in downtown Pittsburgh

The Injury Free Coalition for Kids, Safe Kids Worldwide, Safe States Alliance, the American Trauma Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Be SMART — a program of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, The Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research, the Trauma Center Association of America, JPMA Cares and I’m Safe were among those working to raise awareness about the need for change and to provide communities the tools to make it happen.

“Raising awareness increases the conversations about injury and keeps kids safer,” said Christine Vitale, injury prevention manager, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. “National Injury Prevention Day is important to all of us because injury is the leading cause of disability and death to our kids and teens – it is preventable.”

Along with UPMC, city county buildings, the courthouse and others downtown illuminate their buildings in green.

In addition, UPMC held home safety events in the main hospital lobby and had a safer firearm storage event on Nov. 16 at the Greene County Fairgrounds to distribute free biometric gun safes.

“Most of what we do for injury prevention isn’t complicated, it just takes a minute to think and an extra step. You don’t have to be an expert; we can all prevent injuries.” Vitale said.

For more information about National Injury Prevention Day go to: https://injuryfree.org/nationalinjurypreventionday/2022.