A Message From the Office of the Chairman

By: Chairman of the Board

All of us at UPMC are deeply saddened by the senseless death that has triggered a wave of unrest across our nation. Significant human inequalities persist, rooted in bias and bred by intolerance, and we stand together in support of our Black community, colleagues and staff. We cannot and do not tolerate racism. It has no place in our present, and no business in our future.

Many across our nation are grieving, and so are we. UPMC’s Board of Directors, senior leadership and our many thousands of associates join the global chorus in demanding a new world paradigm, one which recognizes that violence is the enemy of all. We also condemn the recent wave of criminal activity bent on destruction of our neighborhoods and destabilization of our country. Peaceful and meaningful protests have been defiled by the reprehensible actions of a few.

UPMC thrives because we embrace inclusion and accept all others. This has always been our compass in how we treat our patients, each other, and how we must further unite to overcome hatred and prejudice. Diversity makes us better. We are powerful together when we bond toward our common goal.

We remain committed to providing exceptional, life-changing health care for our communities for generations to come. We are 91,000 strong — leaders of dignity and respect, role models of compassion and caregivers for all.

While we work diligently to eliminate the ever-present health care disparities that exist throughout, including COVID-related challenges, we have the ability, passion and determination to make a real difference. Today, we renew our commitment to unite the communities we serve and create a more inclusive culture and respectful environment.

  1. G. Nicholas Beckwith III
    Chairman, UPMC Board of Directors