Honoring UPMC’s Service Heroes

By: Stacy Parker


People may not be able to see their capes, but there are service superheroes at UPMC.

They are the winners of UPMC’s Award for Commitment and Excellence in Service for 2016 — a group of employees recognized for delivering life changing medicine each and every day.

This year, UPMC celebrated and honored 251 individuals and one team from across the health system whose outstanding achievements support UPMC’s values and commitment to putting patients, employees, health plan members and the community at the center of what they do.

Those honored included:

  • A patient business services representative who doesn’t rest until her customers gets the financial assistance they need.
  • An environmental services team member who accompanied a senior resident to surgery because she had no family to wait for her.
  • A nurse who performed CPR and saved a life – on her wedding day.
  • A health plan representative who advocated for a member and her family when they were almost out of options, getting her the treatment she desperately needed.
  • A nutrition manager who investigated every menu item to help protect a patient with an unusual food allergy.

“These exceptional people embody the values that drive all that we do at UPMC,” said Greg Peaslee, executive vice president and chief administrative officer for UPMC. “Life changing ideas, innovative solutions, and, most of all, compassionate care start with them. Simply put, each of them, through their actions, make UPMC a better place to work.”

This year’s winners included:

UPMC Mercy Trauma Burn Unit (Team Award)

Lynette Adamczyk

Sitsofe Agbemenu

Tabitha Aghaebrahim

Shireen Agie

Michele Albaugh

Megan Albright

Hazem Salih Alsahlani

Michael Anselmi

Daniel Auld

Perry Barbee

Armanda Baker

Brenda Baldwin

Victoria Barnosky

Diane Lynn Battaglia

Theodore Beamer

Stacy Beck

Heidi Beecham

Grace Beere

Sue Bialo

Jodi Boory

Loren Bowman

Melissa Bowman

Theodore Bowser

Homer “Skip” Boykin

Alicia Brown

Jacob Brown

Cathy Bruce

Mary Beth Brush

Jennifer Bryan

Jodie Bryk, M.D.

Robin Bush

Melissa Cade

Lisa Cain

Kristin Callahan

Doug Cannin

Mary Beth Chappel

Suzanne Cisler

Charmaine Clawson

Colleen D. Cochenour

Mikell Colledge

Caitlyn Copp-Millward

Amy Corcoran

Mary Ellen Cowan

Jeffrey Cox

Brenda Coyne

Justin Craver

Lorna Cropcho

Madeline Cruz

Jolene D’Andrea

Stacey Davis

Frances DeBlasio

Kelsey Decort

Linda Despines

Sheila Digangi

Michelle Dodson

Velma Dorsey

Janice Dougherty

Summer Drummond

Kathi Duncan

Angela Durci

Markisha Edwards

Jennifer Eger

Dolores Elm

Cynthia Emminger

Sue Evanchak

Duane Fabian

Robyn Fabian

Ruth Fairchild

Kathleen Fanos, D.O.

Jessica Farabaugh

Dar Farneth

Ahmedi Fathima

Tiffany A. Fichter

Eden Fink

Daniel S. Fisher

Cindy Fochtman

Aimee J. Fogarty

Piper Foight

Aleesa Foltz

Michelle Foor

Alexa Foster

Adam Foust

Sherry Fragapane

Valerie Frawley

Norma Freed

Patricia Fustich

Noreen Gabriel

Michael Gallant

Renee Gallik

Stacie Owen Gamble

Darla Gates

Brandie George-Milford

Ann Giazzoni

Janet Gilmore

Kristie Glemba

Constance Marie Greco

Geraldine Grzybek

Rebeca Hadam

Diane Hake

Rebecca Hanni

David Hansen

Mary Harahus

Kristen Harman

Missy Haslett

Mary Ann Hatfield

Lisa Hilal

Tim Holman

Rebecca Hornezes

Connie Horsman

Donna Houck

Shelley Hudson

Marshall Hunt

Mimi Huston

Philip Iozzi, D.O.

Tammy Izzett

Grant Jackson

Andrew Jedd

Meghan Jones

Nancy Jones

Joyce Joseph

Christopher Kabo

Emily Kalanja

Daniel Keener

Laura Kinney

Melissa Kline

Marissa Koenig

Thomas Koloc

Hope Konkol

Mary Kosko

Ashley Kossler

Tim Kozek

Jaime Kriner

Diane Kwasniewski

John Lagnese, M.D.

Daniel M. Lapic

Sydney B. Lash

Nicole Lasure

Sandy Lawrence

Stefanie Lawrence

Kenneth Lee, M.D.

Ed Lewis

Mary Lynne Lewis

Britta Link

Dan Lob

Sue Long

Alyssa Lopus

Jo Lord

Ryan Loveland

Donna Ludwig

Kitty Luznar

Kayla Mahalchak

Lance Maloney

Charmaine Marshman

Alissa Martin

Jaime Martin

Michelle Martin

Philip McCormick

Kelly McCoy, M.D.

Robert McCutcheon

Monica McFarlane

Sue McPherson

Tiffany Merideth

Jennifer Milisits

Aaron Minjock

Lisa Minor

Susan Misencik

Lam Monkuor

Debra R. Montgomery

Brian Moore

Amy Nau

Karen Nigra

Mary O’Connell

Mary Orsi

Mary Beth Pasqualicchio

Secondina Pasquarelli

George “Matt” Paxinos

Theresa Pellegrino

Rachel Poerschke

Pamela Poremski

Chris Purcell

Marek Radomski, D.O.

Cleveland Rainey

Alisha Ravenstahl

deJeanna Rawlins

Sarah Robertson

Christopher Rosa

Hector Rosa

Sybil Rossi

Terri Rossman

Rozalyn Russell

Amanda Safko

Steven Sample

Janet Santucci

Christina Sargent

Lauren Saul

Timothy Savage

William Scalfari

Deborah Scanlon

Miranda Schilling

Alexandria Burnett Schneider

Kimberly Seanor

Diane Seery

Dennis Seth

Marcie Sexton

Cortney Seybert

Haylee Shacklock

Brittany Shaw

Margene Shaw

Penny Shomo

Donna Showalter

Domelle Silhanek

Saul Silver, M.D.

Dana Singer

Sharon Skalos

Lindsey Smithley

Barbara Smolnik

Terry Snyder

Ellen Speranzo

Blayze Stefaniak

Sherry Stephan

Mary Stoyer

Julie Stroyne (Nixon)

Mary Tedesco

Darshit Thakrar, M.D.

Caitlin Thomas

Deanne Thomas

Marlena Thomas

June Thompson

Michael Tracy Jr.

Dennis Truckley

Lori Turner

Joyce Ulery

Jeanette Valentine

Jan VanHorenbeck

Sharon Lee Vlha

Erin Vybiral

Ray Walter

Chris Ward

Nicole Wasilko

Linda Weaver

Robin L. Whaley

Dennis Willaman

Aaron Williams

Della Williams

Joseph Willis

Laurie Wilson

Eileen Yoho

Cecilia Zamarripa

Sara Zebrowski

Janice Zillman

Catherine Zimmerman