Are You Prepared? Have a Plan Before Emergency Strikes

By: Krista Connelly and Kathleen Criss, UPMC's director of Emergency Preparedness

Emergency situations can happen to anyone, at any time. The choice between preparedness and inaction can have serious consequences. September is National Preparedness Month, a time to make sure you are prepared for emergencies by learning your workplace’s emergency procedures and developing a family emergency plan at home.

Did you know that flooding is the most common hazard in Pennsylvania? In a region known for its rivers, there is always the potential for flooding due to overflow. Many of our co-workers, neighbors, family and friends have been affected by recent flooding in our region. Floods and other natural disasters can happen quickly and without warning.
Make sure you and your loved ones are prepared for any potential emergency. Being prepared to sustain the well-being of your family for 72 hours can reduce the danger and distress you may face during an emergency. Do you have a plan in place should this happen to you at work or at home?
Visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s for more tips and emergency planning information or these other sites: