Why Take Four Wheels to Work When You Can Take Two?

By: Cristina Mestre

Daria Damico’s commute to work involves two wheels and no motor. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m lucky and live pretty close to work,” says Damico, a physical therapist at UPMC Shadyside who lives in the nearby Friendship district.  “But the number one reason I bike to work is because it’s the fastest way to get around.

“It takes just a few minutes, I save a lot of money on parking, and I stay active,” she adds. “I’m a physical therapist who believes in the importance of fitness, but I hate the gym so biking is a great way to keep my body moving!”
Bicycles can be parked for free at designated bike racks found at all UPMC facilities, said Mark Yobbi, associate director of parking and transportation at UMPC Presbyterian. He also notes that bikes also cost much less to buy, maintain and replace than a car.
Other benefits of biking to work include:

  • Biking reduces your environmental footprint, since biking is an emission-free form of transportation and helps to reduce air pollution.
  • Moderate biking in low traffic and along scenic routes can help relieve stress.
  • UPMC employees can learn about additional biking to work incentives by clicking here.
UPMC is also a business member of BikePGH, the area’s largest and most influential advocate for transforming Pittsburgh into a safe and accessible community for everyone to bike and walk. BikePGH provides a number of local biking maps, and also hosts an annual celebration of biking in Pittsburgh. This year’s BikeFest 2013, a two week long festival of bike-centric events, starts on Aug. 9 and concludes on Aug. 25 with the PedalPGH bike ride.
As you get on the road this summer and fall, consider a few other tips from Mr. Yobbi:
  •  Be careful!  Especially when riding in high-traffic areas, in bad weather, or on pothole-filled roads.
  •  ALWAYS wear a helmet. ALWAYS.
  • Carry your cell phone, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, and a bike repair kit.