UPMC’s Conti Brings Shoes, Health Screenings to Needy

By: Chuck Finder and Tim Betler

UPMC orthopaedic surgeon Stephen Conti, M.D., his family and fellow foot-care professionals have brought to Pittsburgh a national non-profit movement that they continue to grow called Our Hearts to Your Soles.
Partnering with Tennessee-based Soles4Souls and the Red Wing Shoe Company, Dr. Conti and colleagues around the country are giving disadvantaged and homeless people across 40 U.S. cities some 5,000 donated Red Wing boots and 20,000 pairs of anti-bacterial socks from Dignity U Wear as part of an array of free foot and health care. Similar to a health fair, UPMC along with Our Hearts to Your Soles and Catholic Charities helped Wednesday to provide these less fortunate “patients” with flu shots, screenings, food, podiatry care, specially made socks, fittings for new boots, and more.