UPMC Residents and Fellows Part of Pittsburgh’s Bright Future

By: Taylor Andres

Mayor Bill Peduto recently welcomed medical school graduates to Pittsburgh with a message on the progress they will make for the city.

“Pittsburgh has the potential to be a global leader again, not in the steel mills, not in the mines, but in the hospitals and universities through those using their minds,” Peduto said during his opening speech at the UPMC New Resident/Fellow Orientation. “This city has a great history, and you’re going to be living in part of it.”

Each year, UPMC welcomes 600 new residents and fellows. These trainees come from all over the country and world to participate in 130 different training programs. With 1,700 residents and fellows currently enrolled, UPMC has the third largest program in the United States.

Despite the magnitude of the program, the 600 new additions are selected from a group of 3,500 qualified candidates.

“The quality of the faculty and experience is unmatched,” said Samantha Cascone, director of operations for UPMC Medical Education. “Our fellowship program can really carry these trainees to any job in the future. Our physicians are excellent.”

For UPMC residents and fellows, these programs are a major commitment, taking anywhere from one to seven years to complete. Orientation marks the first day of this journey, and for many students is one of their first days in a new city.

“I love Pittsburgh,” said Jourdan Schmitz, M.D., a new resident studying obstetrics and gynecology. “I chose to come to UPMC because of its excellent reputation for patient care and resident education. During my interview, I felt welcomed and everyone was so friendly and supportive.”

The city plans to welcome the newest Pittsburghers with a day recognizing their achievements. Peduto has declared Aug. 1 “Graduate Medical Education Day,” a day where residents and fellows will be celebrated and thanked for bringing innovation and leadership to Pittsburgh.

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