UPMC Once Again Atop Central Blood Bank’s Top 20 Donor List

By: Madison Brunner

Nurse speaking with a patient

Thanks to nearly 1,000 organizations who donated blood, Central Blood Bank collected over 6,000 units of blood that impacted the lives of 18,390 individuals in need.

This year marked the 16th consecutive year that UPMC sat atop Central Blood Bank’s top 20 donor list. Over 1,100 UPMC employees were able to donate blood to the this year, with the health system still actively encouraging employees to donate by hosting frequent blood drives at various UPMC locations.

“I started donating when I was 17 years old, and I just did my 57th donation a week ago,” said Stephanie Stanley, UPMC media relations manager. “I find it’s something easy to do that offers vital help to patients in need of blood products.”

The need for blood products can occur in persons of all ages, from premature infants to the elderly, according to the Central Blood Bank website. With an aging population, the demand for blood products is likely to increase, since management of illnesses that strike the elderly often requires extensive blood product support. The blood bank must see at least 500 donors per day to meet the needs of patients who require blood products.

“On behalf of the patients, our hospitals, and all of our customers, I’m honored to recognize UPMC for this distinct accomplishment,” said Jim Covert, president of the blood bank.