UPMC Recognizes Talent in Veterans

By: Madison Brunner


Veterans return home with a unique set of skills and experiences that make them an asset in the workforce. As an employer of more than 1,200 veterans, UPMC never lets those talents go unnoticed.

UPMC’s Military Talent Network is designed to bring talented veterans to UPMC and support them in their employment search. Once a veteran expresses interest in working at UPMC, the veteran is connected with a member of the UPMC recruitment team to assist in matching his or her military-acquired skills to employment opportunities at UPMC. This program offers vets career advice, job recommendations, and insight into UPMC’s hiring practices.

Anthony Stough, UPMC talent acquisition recruiter, was hired through the Military Talent Network. He served the U.S. Army in 2010 as a human resources manager in active duty for four years, and in the reserves for two years. Stough joined the Military Talent Network in 2015, and was immediately contacted by Laura Swinchock, the manager of the program.

A few months and interviews later, he joined UPMC Talent Acquisition as a recruiter.

“When I made the decision to transition into a civilian career I knew it would be no easy task – a mixture of ‘over-qualifications’ and ‘under-qualifications’ initially kept me from being able to start a new career,” Stough said. “Often times, veterans are left with very few resources during the transition, and end up underutilized or overwhelmed in their new roles. UPMC developed the Military Talent Network to guide veterans such as me with this transition, and properly ensure that we get the assistance we needed for civilian jobs and careers.”

UPMC also works with two national organizations that assist veterans with job searches. Hiring Our Heroes helps veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities. RecruitMilitary hosts job fairs connecting veteran career-seekers and exhibitors.

Additionally, UPMC is part of the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a national organization whose goal was to help 100,000 veterans find employment by 2020. Since companies have exceeded the original goal and hired more than 161,000 individuals, the new ambitious goal is to hire 200,000 veterans in the same time frame.

UPMC has also developed community partnerships with many veterans’ organizations, including the Department of Veteran Affairs, Duquesne University – Veteran Nurse Recruiters, Goodwill of Southwestern PA, PA Career Link, Pittsburgh Serves, Robert Morris Veterans Outreach Center, University of Pittsburgh, Veteran Services Office, Veterans Leadership Program, Veterans Place and Wounded Warriors.