UPMC Honored as Region’s Top Blood Donor

By: Martin Kinnunen

Once again, the willingness of UPMC employees to give blood has made UPMC the region’s top organization for blood donation.

“It’s a wonderful honor for UPMC to lead the list of the Top 20 organizations that have blood donation programs,” said Greg Peaslee, UPMC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources and Administrative Services Officer. “But the real recognition needs to go to our employees. They have made donating blood a priority. They know they save lives each time they donate.”

UPMC was named as the region’s top organization for blood donation at a luncheon held by Central Blood Bank (CBB) in November. The University of Pittsburgh ranked second followed by PNC Financial Services Group and BNY Mellon.

In Fiscal Year 2013, UPMC employees donated 8,775 units of blood. UPMC has been CBB’s leading organization for blood donation for multiple years. In a statement, CBB noted: “We greatly appreciate the time and commitment of these generous donor groups. We offer our sincerest gratitude to UPMC as they continually place in the top spot – number one!”

UPMC also provides incentives to employees who donate blood. Eligible UPMC staff who donate blood three times between July 1 and June 30 of each fiscal year receive one day of paid time off (PTO). Staff who donate six times within the fiscal year receive two PTO days.

For information about donating blood,  visit Central Blood Bank’s website.