7 Tips to Avoid the Medical Tent During a Marathon

By: Madison Brunner

Thousands of runners are preparing to compete in the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon on May 5.

To ensure participants stay energized and perform their best, we asked Dr. Kelley Anderson, manager of the Elite Runner’s medical tent, and Dr. Aaron Mares, associate medical director of the Pittsburgh Marathon, for some tips to follow the night before and morning of the marathon.

Don’t switch things up on race day. Stick with the gear, diet and sleep schedule you have used throughout your training.

If you have a problem early, take care of it. Make sure your shoes are tied and anything in your shoes, such as pebbles, are removed as quickly as possible

Run at the pace you trained. When marathon participants start to run faster, it can cause heat-related illnesses.

Drink to thirst. Don’t drink too much, or too little.

Dress in layers so you can remove jackets and long sleeve shirts as the race progresses. Pay attention to weather reports, . The morning might be cold, but temperatures warm up quickly once you start moving.

Listen to your body. You’ve been training for a while, so if your body tells you something is wrong, addressing it quickly is essential. There are many aid stations throughout the course. Stop by and consult an expert.

Plan for a good night’s sleep the night before the race and eat a balanced dinner.

Hopefully runners won’t need them, but the aid stations along the course and the UPMC physicians, nurses and athletic trainers at the finish line medical tent will be there to help on race day.