“The Transformation is Unbelievable:” UPMC McKeesport Doctor Gives New Lease on Life

By: Taylor Andres

Susan Parsons was living with constant discomfort from a foot deformity and had been visiting a doctor for over a year, unsuccessfully trying to heal a wound on her ankle, and ultimately receiving a foot surgery that led to a painful recovery.

Parsons’ frustration led her to search for a new doctor using the UPMC Physician referral line. She was referred to Dr. Jessica Sciulli at UPMC Wound Healing Services at UPMC McKeesport who specializes in foot and ankle surgery. Despite the struggles Parsons faced with treatments in the past, Sciulli was able to clear her wound in less than two months—an outcome that allowed Parsons to get another surgery, ultimately changing her life.

Parsons needed surgery to correct three hammer toes— deformities that cause the toes to bend to the side from the middle joint. Her wound had been preventing her from getting the procedure, adding to the difficulty of finding shoes that fit well enough for her to walk normally without relying on a walker for support.

“She really couldn’t even get her foot into a shoe,” said Jessica Sciulli, D.P.M., medical co-director, podiatry, foot and ankle surgery, UPMC Wound Healing Services at UPMC McKeesport. “I corrected a bunion, several hammertoes and repaired damaged ligaments. It looks like an entirely different foot now.”

Parsons had her surgery in August, and by November was walking comfortably and without any assistance from a cane or walker. She believes the experience gave her a new outlook on life and is amazed by the progress Sciulli made in such a short amount of time.

“The transformation Dr. Sciulli made is unbelievable. I’ve been able to wear shoes I haven’t worn in years. It’s given me a whole new lease on life,” said Susan Parsons. “If anyone has foot problems, I let them know about Dr. Sciulli. She’s an extremely smart doctor, extremely conscious and she gave me a new life.”

For further information on Dr. Sciulli or others in her practice, visit the UPMC Wound Healing Services at UPMC McKeesport. To find a UPMC physician best suited for your medical needs, visit UPMC Physician Resources.