Fox Chapel Student Receives UPMC St. Margaret Volunteer Services Student Scholarship

By: Mattie Winowitch and Stephanie Stanley

University of Pittsburgh-bound student Jung An “Anna” Shin is the 2017 recipient of the UPMC St. Margaret’s Volunteer Services Scholarship for Outstanding Teen Volunteers. Students who receive this award must be graduating high school and have at least 100 volunteer hours. The award for $1,000 will go toward her college expenses.

Shin, who recently graduated from Fox Chapel high school, began volunteering at UPMC St. Margaret the summer before her freshman year. Because she plans to enter the medical field as either a neurologist or a neurosurgeon, volunteering at a hospital seemed like a perfect first step toward that goal.

“This volunteer opportunity was a great way for me to learn how to treat patients, as well as how to help make the hospital a more welcoming and less intimidating place,” she said. “Those are skills that will be very useful to me in the medical field someday.”

Some of Shin’s assignments at UPMC St. Margaret included Ambulatory Surgery and Food/Nutrition. She said these duties have affirmed her dreams for her career path.

“What I have learned every summer was unprecedented and valuable because I was able to personally interact with patients and their families,” Shin said. “Volunteering in a hospital definitely confirmed my desire to study a pre-medicine track and fueled my goal to become a physician.”

During her time as a volunteer, Shin was given various tasks and projects, some more difficult than others. According to Diane Kolling, director, UPMC St. Margaret Volunteer and Guest Services, Shin proved she was capable of any task she was given.

“Anna also was assigned to a pilot patient-mobility project, and I was really impressed with how flexible she was as we worked out the process, and how comfortable she was with patients.”

Shin is grateful to receive support in continuing her education.

“With the help of this scholarship and the experience I received through volunteering, I am on my way to becoming a physician who is confident, empathetic and respectful toward my patients and colleagues,” noted Shin.