Time and Care Heal Injuries at UPMC Sports Medicine

By: Madison Brunner

Time and Care Heal Injuries at UPMC Sports MedicineWhen Shaler Area High School soccer player Lindsey Buczkowski collided with an opposing player during a game in her sophomore year, she knew the injury was very serious.

“This injury felt different than anything in the past,” Buczkowski said. “I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to walk the same way.”

She was diagnosed with a Lisfranc fracture, a complex injury where bones in the foot are displaced. It’s an injury serious enough to end an athletic career.

Buczkowski and her family sought treatment from Dr. MaCalus Hogan at UPMC Sports Medicine. Hogan performed surgery to insert a plate and screws, and another surgery four months later to remove them.

Buczkowski worked with athletic trainer Donna Rife to maintain her strength between surgeries by doing aquatic therapy leg weight exercises. She was able to keep her existing strength and even managed to become stronger through the exercises Rife planned for her.

“Lindsey was tough and driven,” Hogan said. “She had a positive outlook from the beginning, and I always believed her dedication and drive would allow her to return to sports.”

Now in her junior year, Buczkowski is back on the soccer field and grateful for the care she received and her relationship with the care providers.

“They were very knowledgeable and I always felt informed throughout the treatment process,” she said.

She plans to pursue a career in sports medicine so she can one day help athletes return to their passion.