Salmonella Outbreak in Pre-Cut Melons won’t Impact Pennsylvania

By: Kenisha Wilson

Earlier this month, reports detected individuals across five states infected with Salmonella Adelaide. The salmonella outbreak is restricted to pre-cut packaged melon, which has not affected Pennsylvania.

  1. Dr. Alex Viehman, an infectious disease expert at the UPMC Center for Care of Infectious Diseases, said the Center for Disease Control and Prevention traced the contamination to a processing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is believed the equipment used caused the spread of the contamination.

The facility responsible hasn’t shipped to Pennsylvania, or near the Pittsburgh area. Ohio is the closest state affected.

“Most fruit does not carry salmonella,” Vienhman said. “We worry more about this bacteria on poultry products.”

To ensure that store-bought melons are healthy and safe to eat, always remember to wash them before cutting them and use clean knives. In addition, stay updated with CDC alerts and other warnings about potential food contamination.

Symptoms of salmonella infection can include diarrhea, abdomen cramping and fever. Treatment is mostly needed for people with weakened immune systems, including children and older adults, and can include hospitalization for dehydration or antibiotics. Those who believe they have been affected by salmonella encouraged to contact their doctor.

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