UPMC’s More to the Story: Magee’s Pregnancy Recovery Center

By: Amy Charley

For the past four months, journalist Rachel Mabe has been working on a story on the opioid crisis that is devastating communities across Pennsylvania for Medium, an online platform. Mabe has focused her in-depth story on how the work at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC illuminates the larger opioid epidemic.

In 2014, Magee launched the first-of-its-kind Pregnancy Recovery Center (PRC), a clinic that helps pregnant and non-pregnant women struggling with an opioid use disorder. The PRC provides office-based buprenorphine treatment, behavioral health counseling, social services, and prenatal care to pregnant and postpartum women with opioid use disorder. Each patient receives a postpartum pain management plan, and the PRC is undergoing research and treatment for hepatitis C.

In this episode of UPMC’s More to the Story podcast series, Mabe and Dr. Elizabeth Krans from the PRC join host Cyndy Patton for a discussion on her three-piece story. They talk about the significant role media plays in breaking down the stigma of addiction, and the philosophies behind addiction treatment and abstinence versus harm reduction.