ISMETT Recognized for Excellence in Radiology and AI Research

By: Francesca Valagussa

ISMETT, the UPMC-managed transplant and high-specialty hospital in Palermo, Italy, continues to be recognized for its commitment to world-class care with two recent milestones: The prestigious EuroSafe Imaging Stars program recognized ISMETT’s radiology department for patient safety, and the hospital received a grant for its artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled life-support technology. 

The EuroSafe Imaging Stars program recognizes facilities for best practices in radiation treatment and patient safety. ISMETT became the first hospital in southern Italy to obtain a five-star distinction in 2019, one of only 133 hospitals worldwide to achieve this designation. The recent re-designation underscores ISMETT’s leadership in the field and its commitment to high-quality, patient-centered care.  

In addition, the European Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (EuroELSO) awarded a grant to Dr. Gennaro Martucci, director of pediatric anesthesia at ISMETT, for his work with AI-enabled transfusion technology. Using AI and the data collected in the multi-national PROTECMO study of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, Martucci aims to develop an intelligent platform that will assist clinicians in making informed decisions about transfusions. 

“As ISMETT continues to break new ground and achieve milestones in health care, it remains dedicated to its core mission of fostering collaboration, driving innovation and providing the best possible care to patients,” said Dr. Angelo Luca, managing director of UPMC Italy.