Healthcare Innovators Recognized at Annual Pitt Innovation Challenge

By: Anita Srikameswaran


The Pitt Innovation Challenge is proving to be an event where creative new projects can get off the ground. Winners of the second challenge, which asked “From cell to community:  How can we individualize solutions for better health(care)?” were selected last week from more than 60 entries.

The winners were:

$100,000 Awards:

  • Nebukin: Game-based software aid to help children properly use nebulizers for inhaled treatment of conditions such as asthma.
  • Nanoketo:  Small portable sensor for monitoring ketosis, a condition common in diabetics in which the body uses fat instead of sugar for energy.
  • ACL Interaction: Web-based tool to individualize rehabilitation of ACL injuries of the knee.

$25,000 Awards:

  • PediaTristan: Educational video series for pediatric patients and families.
  • Psychometabolomics: A screening test for metabolic disorders in hard-to-treat depression.
  • Caring for Cancer Survivors at the Virtual Bedside: Web-based communication for medical teams of childhood cancer survivors.
  • MAGIC (Medication Adherence using in clinic):  App using passive and active data to track mental status of psychiatric patients.

Finalist and semi-finalist videos can be viewed on the PInCH website.

The challenge is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Office of the Provost, and the Innovation Institute.