Have a Happy Holiday – And Make it Healthy, Too

By: Chuck Finder

UPMC’s Leslie Bonci, M.P.H., R.D.,  spends her time during the year advocating for healthy eating habits. And that doesn’t stop when the holidays arrive.Check out her fun and caroling lyrics above, then abide by these healthy eating tips for a Happy . . . .

H – is for Healthy portions. Never eat anything bigger than your head, that’s my mantra. And never design an architectural plate that has anything above a second story.

O – is for Observing basic food groups. Dressing, stuffing, turkey and pie are not all part of a Christmas Food Group. Lean toward Protein for the entrée, with Fruit (cranberry sauce but there are better fruits for you!), Grains (small amounts of stuffing), Veggies and, for dessert, a little Dairy.

L – is for Lentls. Really, incorporate them. They’re good for you. In a soup or as a side.

I – is for Intuition. Think before you drink, eat, or shovel anything into your mouth at holidays time.

D – is for Details. Don’t derail yourself so you don’t have to deprive yourself after the holidays.

A – is for Appetite. Don’t gorge. Eat that big holiday meal slowly, then only go for the leftovers when hungry. And that conceivably may be 24 hours later.

Y – is for Yule be sorry if you aren’t cautious! Give yourself the gift of health.

S – is for Stand-up. Get off your seat and get on your feet. Exercise is the perfect New Year’s partner for letter “D,” above.