A Lifetime of Achievement

By: Amy Collins Law

Dr. Timothy Billiar, executive vice president and chief scientific officer, UPMC, recently received the prestigious Society of University Surgeons (SUS) Lifetime Achievement Award at the 19th Annual Academic Surgical Congress in Washington, DC.

The award is one of the highest accolades in American surgery, and it was given to Billiar in recognition of his numerous accomplishments. In his esteemed 25-year tenure as chair of the Department of Surgery and the George V. Foster Distinguished Professor, he has trained three decades of General Surgery residents. Additionally, Billiar has earned 35 years of continuous NIH funding, penned over 900 peer-reviewed papers, achieved an H-Index of 161, and holds nine patents.

“Dr. Billiar has spent decades advancing surgical science, and his remarkable career is a source of inspiration to surgeons worldwide,” said Leslie C. Davis, president and CEO, UPMC, on LinkedIn. “Through mentorship and education, he has helped shape the next generation of surgical leaders.”

The son of a veterinarian and a nurse, Billiar credits his parents for his passion for medicine as well as his work ethic and empathy.

Billiar relishes his role of talent scout in addition to serving as chair and leader of UPMC, the nation’s largest academic health system. He remarked to the SUS: “When I see an exceptional talent, and someone willing to do what it takes, my job is to clear the path and remove the hurdles (not provide shortcuts).”

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