How the Pittsburgh Promise Stacked the Numbers in Chris Norman’s Favor

By: Gloria Kreps and Micah Wolf

Chris Norman has made the most of the $20,000 he was given for a college education by The Pittsburgh Promise, the scholarship program largely funded by UPMC.

Not content with a single major, he went to Slippery Rock University for five years to earn a bachelor’s degree with majors on accounting, finance and management.

“Think about it – three majors and only $10,000 in student loan debt. That’s amazing!” comments Chris.

He also knows where he wants to launch his career. “Working at UPMC would make everything come full circle,” he shares. His dream for the future came true when he was selected for a fellowship in UPMC’s prestigious Finance Management Rotation. Chris is grateful for the opportunity to stay in Pittsburgh and work for the region’s largest employer. He is equally grateful to The Pittsburgh Promise for inspiring him to make every opportunity count.