Hit By a Piano? Heart Disease Risks Much More Likely

By: Rick Pietzak

The broken piano on display at One Oxford Centre is the centerpiece of Friday’s Go Red for Women heart screening event created by UPMC’s Heart and Vascular Institute and the American Heart Association.

The free heart screenings, including blood pressure and cholesterol testing, are part of ongoing efforts to raise awareness for heart disease, particularly in women. The screening event features a 6 x 7 foot “fallen piano” to demonstrate the likelihood of developing heart disease (1 in 3 odds) compared with the unlikely scenario of being hit by a falling piano (1 in 250 million).

Oxford Piano 1“Unless you are a cartoon character, you are more likely to die of heart disease than a falling piano. It’s important to get checked out and make any necessary lifestyle changes early so you can live a long, healthy life,” said Michael Mathier, M.D, medical director of the community outreach and cardiovascular health program at UPMC.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in America. It is also preventable. Once you identify your risk, you can manage it.

Visit here to take a quick heart risk quiz a list of free heart screening events throughout February.