New Genome Center to Advance Precision Medicine and Immunotherapy

By: Cyndy Patton and Mattie Winowitch

The UPMC Genome Center is a unique facility that supports clinical diagnostics and research initiatives in precision medicine and immunotherapy. The center was established with funding from the UPMC Immune Transplant Therapy Center and the Institute for Precision Medicine at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh, and it is the largest and only CLIA-certified, high-throughput whole-genome sequencing center in Pennsylvania.

Specifically, the center is designed to do whole genome sequencing, which is the process of taking a patient’s DNA from blood, saliva, or tissue samples and breaking it down to read the letters that make up our genetic code. Researchers can then look at the different variations that may contribute to certain diseases or medical conditions.

Initial projects include sequencing patient DNA to guide treatment for cancer patients and diagnose pediatric patients in the NICU and PICU. Through this new advanced facility, UPMC can continue offering state-of-the-art and specific care to patients in need.

To discuss the new center, UPMC’s Cyndy Patton sat down with its director, Dr. Annerose Berndt.

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