Dr. Freddie Fu Receives EFORT Recognition for Contributions to the International Orthopaedic Community

By: Taylor Andres

Dr. Freddie Fu, professor and chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine,  and orthopaedic surgeon at UPMC this week was awarded honorary membership from The European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT)— the platform organization linking Europe‘s national orthopaedic associations aimed at promoting the exchange of scientific knowledge and experience, with a particular emphasis on education and research.

EFORT hosts an annual congress, during which a world-renowned leader in orthopaedic surgery is selected to present the Michael Freeman Honorary Lecture—this year Dr. Fu was selected to speak.

Dr. Freddie Fu

In recognition of Dr. Fu’s popularity among orthopaedic surgeons and expertise in knee anatomy—particularly the ACL— he gave the lecture, entitled “Is The Latest Always The Greatest?” The presentation discussed innovation and the development of new technologies as necessary factors to advance health care and dissected the history of past innovations to reveal that many have been ineffective, and at times harmful.

During the live lecture broadcast, EFORT leadership recognized Dr. Fu’s contributions to the international orthopaedic community with the EFORT Honorary Award and Membership. Dr. Fu was one of three distinguished surgeons to receive this honor, along with Dr. Gilles Walch (France) and Dr. Reinhard Windhager (Austria).

Over the duration of his career, Dr. Fu has been honored with more than 260 professional awards and honors, has delivered over 1,200 national and international presentations, co-authored 173 book chapters, wrote over 675 peer-reviewed articles and edited 30 major orthopaedic textbooks. In 2019, the University of Pittsburgh was named the number one university in the world for ACL publications over a 40-year period, and Dr. Fu was named the most published author with 378 publications on the ACL.

To learn more about Dr. Fu’s career, visit his expert biography, or to learn more about Orthopaedic treatment options available through UPMC, visit UPMC Sports Medicine.