Resident at Seneca Manor Celebrates 105 Years

By: Will Bowen and Ashley Trentrock

Mary Fisher’s birthday wishes didn’t include a party, but that someone write about her life.

She’s just turned 105, but don’t let Ms. Fisher’s age fool you. She stands under her own power and walks with only the assistance of her walker. Ms. Fisher attributes her good health to her lifestyle choices. “I never drank, I never smoked.”

A resident at Seneca Manor, one of UPMC’s four assisted living senior communities, Ms. Fisher is convinced that her busy life and active church involvement have also contributed to her longevity. “I’ve been busy all my life…I always had a good job,” she exclaims. From shoveling coal to keep her house warm during the Great Depression, to maintaining the different properties she came to acquire throughout her life, Ms. Fisher recollects her “rags to riches” story.

Ms. Fisher is proud to be a lifelong Pittsburgh resident. She won’t even entertain the idea of living elsewhere and calls Seneca Manor her home. “I like it here, especially the food.”

Mary Fisher

Located on Saltsburg Road in Verona, Seneca Manor Assisted Living Facility is picture perfect on a beautifully landscaped hilltop campus. The care residents receive at Seneca is tailored to each individual. Seneca Manor assures the best fit for its services to all residents, including around the clock nursing care and the preparation of daily meals.

Terri Brown, activities coordinator at Seneca Manor, describes the many activities available for residents — video game bowling to the age-old horse races. There is always something interesting going on and you’ll find a very vibrant Mary Fisher participating in Seneca’s activities and staying 105 years young!