A Celebration for UPMC Jameson, the Newest Member of the UPMC Family

By: Lori Brothers, UPMC Jameson

Many expressions of gratitude and recognition of relentless teamwork uplifted the new UPMC Jameson during an emotional celebration this week led by UPMC Jameson President Doug Danko. The sweetness of success was celebrated with cake and the resounding applause of hundreds of employees. Positivity buzzed as the employees, physicians, volunteers, local officials and community firmly stood on the new foundation that will bring a renewed strength in health care for New Castle, and surrounding communities of Lawrence and Mercer counties.

The May 2 celebration was the culmination of efforts to partner Jameson Health System with UPMC. The official announcement of the affiliation brought together a standing-room-only crowd in recognition of the success of Jameson and UPMC officials to finalize the groundwork — nearly two years in the making — that will continue now to build a stronger delivery of world-class health care to the area.

The celebration was heartfelt by all who invested time, emotions, dedication and perseverance toward the outcome that determined the bright future of availability of health care locally for residents, and secured the livelihood of UPMC Jameson employees.

The delay in the affiliation of Jameson Health System with UPMC contributed to a growing understanding that while not everyone needs immediate health care, the important service that local health care provides to the region is integral to health on many levels. During the process to become UPMC Jameson, the mounting realization that the health system was a driving economic force for the region captured the hearts and minds of area residents and businesses, as well as state and local officials, who all came together in gratitude to celebrate the beginning of a new era in health care for the region.